house of spirits

by shimmer

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released January 7, 2016

thanks to gerald silalahi for singing on 'poison'.
thanks to agi manik for playing the cello on 'coffee'.



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shimmer Charlottesville, Virginia

♡ shimmer is lona ♡

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Track Name: pure
when he kisses me, it tastes so pure
i can tell that this wont hurt

i think that he'll still want me even when i'm fucking up
Track Name: rot
horrible nights they want you
to feel alone but i don’t want to
and there he is inside my back pocket
telling me that i should just stop it

he’s there for me
he's all i need
and when he’s gone
it feels like i'm so lost

i’ll watch you till my eyes rot
this empty body’s all i've got
but somehow that is just enough
and that's why i want him

i’ll be your tiny angel
like i always do
my halo and you eyes are
the same shade of blue
and when it's late at night
i’ll wanna help you unglue
Track Name: poison
sounds of the wind can't compare to your tone
when you are telling me breathe easy
you and i can both pretend that this isn't fun
but you know i can't do this alone

the weight is leaving us so cold, still we're getting undressed
you know we might as well be drinking poison
fifty times you said you'd leave, but you're still on my breath
cause i know you can't do this alone

photographs and broken glass
you say that you can't help it
if you're sick, then go home
i wanna crush your body soft
until my fingers fall off
but i'm sick, i'm going home

i'll see you tomorrow
Track Name: teeth
in my softest dreams
you were telling me
of a place that could
keep the both of us warm

but instead
you’re laughing
at me dead
in your house again

i can feel it in my teeth
when i’m clean of all your words
i can taste you on my tongue
but it's been so long

for a second i
thought that you would try
to photograph
the stars in my eyes

and even though
i’m seeing you through
you still say that
there’s no room
Track Name: coffee
you told me you were in the city this february
the frostbite burns, but it feels soft
against the thought of you lingering away
of you tossing around in my head

you can take me how you want
dark and sweet if you want
drink me down, get your buzz

i wanna know about the things
that make you wish you didn't
weave your heart to your shoes
or how tomorrow should be clearer
and you'll forget how i taste

i wanna ask you to stay, but that's asking too much